Bienvenue a Paris

After a delightful flight On Air France , Greg and I arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport terminal E. 

We flew in premium economy which made all the difference from a legroom perspective.  Service and food were good as well. 

Once on the ground, we cleared customs and immigration and claimed our bags. Then we got our first whif of Parisian air – there is nothing like it. That distinct smell gave me an immediate sense of being home in the city of lights. Paris occupies a special spot in my heart. 

Some of you lnow and to others it’s a revelation. For years I have lived and will continue to live by famous German chanteuse Marlene Dietrich’s dictum of “leaving her heart in Paris and a suitcase in Berlin”.  

Amy and Sue arrived by Eurostar at Gare du Nord right on time at 6:47pm and we got there shortly thereafter. 

Stay tuned fir more stories from France. 

4 thoughts on “Bienvenue a Paris

  1. What fun and great pictures. To tag on to Jerry’s comment about opening the world to so many of us, my first trip to Paris was with Greg, Rene and Rene’s dear mother, Hane Schneeberger AND nine wonderful friends from San Diego. Now, that was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and Rene, you’re a master at making the magic happen. Can’t wait to travel with you on this pictorial vacation.


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