Paris Day 1 – my tips to discover the city of lights

Bonjour de Paris…with a cafe and a croissant in our tummies, the route I recommend for first time visitors looks like this. 

Start at the dome des invalides where Napoleons remains are kept in a crypt. Then across the most romantic bridge in Paris, pont Alexandre III to the grand and petit palais. Both were built for the Univetsal Exhibition in Paris in 1900. Designed and engineered by famous Gustave Eiffel, these two palaces are now used for special exhibits and arts shows. 

Once across the Seine and past the palaces, we will hang a left on the champs elysees. A leisurely stroll past shops and cafes, we will reach the Arc de Triomphe which offers spectacular views over the city 

From there, we will leisurely “march” down avenue Kleber to the Trocadero which offers the best vantage points over the Eiffel Tower. It is also the place Greg proposed with rings at the millennium. A night I will never forget. 

Last but not least will be the Eiffel Tower. It can be discovered in a multitude of ways. 

By foot, climbing to the observation deck on the second level. Or by cable car to the same level. From there elevators take guests up to level 3. I tend to pass on that as it is a tight elevator and lots of see through steel which gives me vertigo. 

My personal fave is to stretch out on the grass just below the tower and take it all in. 

Pictures will follow after our adventurous day is wrapped up. Stay tuned…

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