2017 South of France with Monaco GP

Farewell to Paris – journey down South

Thee is really never enough time in Paris, no matter how long one stays. I fact, even after having lived here back in the early 90’s tree are still many things on my list that I have not yet done. So just know that the “I’ll be back” slogan was really intended for Paris. Too bad Frank Sinatra didn’t write a song about this great city.

As with life however, on we go is our motto today. We are saying good bye to our hosts Thierry and Jerome to board our TGV high speed train to Avignon. From the out the discovery continues by rental car. 

We will be spending one night in Avignon at the lovely hotel Horloge in the heart of the city. Of course our trip will include more lovely lunches with plenty of Rose wine. (Sorry for the spelling but I cannot figure out how to find an accent egu on this app). 

Rose from the South of France, for those not familiar with it is a delightfully light and dry wine invented for leisurely lunches  that somehow always include some form of pork product or cheese. Just a delight!  I highly recommend frequent repetitions of the practice, especially on vacation. 

More of that and of course all the pictures of the day later. For now, we have to pack up our stuff and shlepp our luggage over countless stairs to the Gare de Lyon. 

3 thoughts on “Farewell to Paris – journey down South

  1. Onward and forward. Sometimes you have to schlep in order to discover a new adventure.
    Avignon sounds beautiful.
    Looking forward to your next blog!

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