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Tangerini’s for the Award Season… adventure to my backyard

Sometimes the best travel adventure is just outside your window. So today, instead of far-away lands, my very own side yard serves as inspiration and exploration.

It is with annual punctuality that our tangerine tree bursts in bright orange with a bumper crop of juicy fruit. We have learned over the years that eating them is not nearly as enjoyable as slurping their juice in the form of a Tangerini. (See my juicing excercise above).

Of course you could always cheat and by the tangerine juice at TJ’s but I find juicing my own tangerines quite rewarding.


2 martini glasses (frozen)

2 oz good vodka

4oz tangerine juice

A splash of triple sec (Cointreau is my fave)

1 can of tonic water ( use about 1/2)


Mix the liquids in a cocktail shaker and shake with ice. Then strain out into the martini glasses.

Enjoy this concoction while watching the Grammy’s and the Oscar’s. It has become a tradition in our house. Cheers!

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