Raffles Hotel continued…

Back at the hotel after our cultural tour to chill out and cool off. The one thing none of the pictures present is the heat and humidity factor of this city. Less than 2 degrees away from the equator, it is pretty much like this all year round. In sumple terms it’s always hot and your body is in various stages of moistness. 

This makes ideal conditions for a chill by the hotels pool with a refreshing Singapore Sling in hand. 

This property is at the pinnacle of lodging and every detail is immaculately taken car of.  I don’t want to leave this place!

Alas, tomorrow morning we’ll board another Singapore Airlines flight to Perth. 

I couldn’t leave this city without some of the quirky but serious public service announcements about the various fines imposed on guests if the break the ruli


2 thoughts on “Raffles Hotel continued…

  1. Awesome and funny. Your comments about the heat reminded me of when I taught a workshop in Hong Kong. I thought I was going to drown on the air. It was the beginning of the monsoon season and we were warned to walk slowly to prevent becoming dehydrated and over-heated. But then, you’ve experienced that many times over in your travels. Just had to share my singular experience.

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