2017 South of France with Monaco GP

Avignon and beyond

After a restful night sleep in Avignon, we got our Renault Scenic loaded up to hit the countryside. First we made a detour down memory lane to Tarascon where Greg and I spent our first night back in 1998 with my mom Hanny. We drove along the town to revisit those moments. It was a special treat. 

Then we headed back to historical sights with a stop at the Roman Aquaduct from 50 A.D. At the Pont du Gard. This UNESCO world heritage site is s must see on anyone’s tour of the South of France. The pictures tell it all. 

The day the continued with a drive to the city of Nimes where we had lunch before discovering the most preserved Roman Arena in the world. Another must see for sure. Oops, did I mention the Padtries along the way that made our afternoon even more special!

Safely tucked in at our hotel in Nimes, we all reflected on a perfect day.  Good night and sleep well, more on tomorrow’s adventures when we get going. 

5 thoughts on “Avignon and beyond

  1. Looking at the arena hoping to be a spectator, not a participant.
    Always nice to take a trip down memory lane, especially with friends you can share them with.

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  2. Tally up those UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE sites. What a beauty!
    A good nights sleep is always a plus…believe me I know! Weather GODS are with you I see…oop’s that’s right your not in Greece..I mean the Lord has blessed you with good weather…lol. Great photos…keep em coming.

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