2017 South of France with Monaco GP

Paradise found…in the hills of Grasse

We were all a bit nervous as we made our way through the south toward our home for 3 nights. I had secured it online and then spent time by phone working with the owner, Lady Maggie Lockett whom owns the estate. Drive no up, we had some doubts about it all but once the gatdner arrived and escorted us in, we all couldn’t believe our eyes. 

What a setting and every detail is lovingly designed and cared for. We may never leave this paradise.

I thought I would also share our first car photo. It is indeed a Renault Scenic. In fact, this is Greg and my third rental in france and we had a Renault Megane/Scenic every time. So the tradition is now set for future trips. 

More on our adventures along the cote d’azure in my next blog. 

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