2017 Germany trip with IAA

Germany for a week

After a few months of silence, the travel bug has returned. Greg and I just arrived at the Duessdorf airport. Originally we were slated to depart from San Francisco on Air Berlin on the 12th in the evening. Alas, their pilots walked out on a sick leave scheme and all their US flights were cancelled. This is where a travel agent comes in handy. 

With a bit of effort, we got confirmed on SAS via Copenhagen. I had not flown them in 20 years. Lovely, Scandinavian experience without frills. Other than water and coffee/tea you pay for beverages and the food was ok at best. It matters more and more to pick the right airline, even on transatlantic flights. 

After landing, we picked up our rental car from Sixt. While I am a loyal Hertz renter ( AAA benefits and service and all) I chose Sixt because of the fleet of vehicles. As you know by mow, we are car geeks and having the “rift” wheels matters. Especially in Germany. 

So here we are – along the north side of the Rhine by Boppard in our BMW 750Li diesel. 

It’s the top of the line version with a quad turbo 3 liter online six pumpingnout 397bhp and 567 lb ft of torque. Insane power. 

The above pictures have all been taken along the “castle route section” of the Rhine which is a 60km stretch of twists and turns and hundreds of castles protected by UNESCO as a world heritage sight. 

I am proud to report that today’s drive completed my bucket list of sightseeing options. I have now driven both sides of the Rhine by car and train as well as cruised up the middle twice. Each mode of transportation has its advantages and all share the amazing views. 

Of corse their feat took 30 years to accomplish and I look forward to return one day by bike and stay in some of the castles. It is that scenic and o so charming. 

This post was written at 5am as I woke up early and could not go back to sleep. Like a little kid, I am anxiously awaiting the opening of the doors for the “world’s best car show” at the I A A in Frankfurt at 9 am. 

Posts will follow…

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