Natural Wonders of Iceland

Greenhouses, Geyser and Gullfoss

Our adventure continued on from Thingvellir to a greenhouse farm specializing in tomatoes. Ingenious as the icelanders are, this family is using the geothermal forces to grow indoor tomatoes of the “European round” variety, the egg shaped Roma type, as well as the tasty “piccolo” cherry tomato. We toured the facilities before enjoying home made tomato soup and amazing breads. 

Optionally, guests could enjoy the house recipe of a Bloody Mary, or choose a healthy Mary (green tomato juice and basil) or step it up to the “holy Mary” with gin and green tomato. 

Nourished and happy, we made our way onward to the geyser area where we got to experience multiple erruptions of Strokul, a 90 to 110 foot geyser that blows about every 5 to 8 minutes.  

Continuing on, we traversed beautiful countryside, including a traditional Icelandic roadblock in the form of a herd of cattle in the middle of the road. 

Our final stop for the day consisted of a visit to the “golden falls” at Gullfoss. 

It was truly over the rainbows as we saw several spear every time the sun peaked through the clouds. 

2 thoughts on “Greenhouses, Geyser and Gullfoss

  1. Awesome tomatoes. Those Islanders are creative and industrious about growing fresh vegetables in an otherwise unforgiving climate. I’m assuming you elected the gin with your juice offering. The geyser reminded me of our visit to Yellowstone. And, I loved the rainbow. What’s not to love about a rainbow? πŸ™‚


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