Natural Wonders of Iceland

Waterfalls and scenery that never quits

After a very restful sleep and a hearty breakfast we hit the road toward the town of Vik. Along the way, we stopped at a waterfall called Skogafoss where we got to climb to the top of the drop.  It was quite the climb but totally worth it. 

For a better view from the top, you can watch this video. 

From there we continued on to the black sand beach of reynisfjara. At that point the wind and rain stormed around us with gale forces that required us to lock arms to avoid flying off.  Quite the adventure. 

On the coach most of us needed some dtying off and fortunately the rain stopped by the time we hit the stop at Solheimajoekull glacier. The dry but glacier chilled breeze dried out the last vestiges of rain water in our outfits. 

Onward we teacelled to the visitor center of the famous 2010 volcanic eruption that stopped North Atlantic Air Travel for days. (I remember it, planes grounded and thousands of Oberammergau guests stuck in Europe). 

The short documentary brought these events to life and the peaceful setting is quite lovely today. 

One last stop, which for many was the highlight of the day, was another waterfall. This one, you can actually walk behind and enjoy a fantastic concert of waterworks. 

One thought on “Waterfalls and scenery that never quits

  1. All awesome, especially that last fall when slowed down. You described it perfectly when you said “a concert of waterworks.” It was magical.


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