2017 Christmas road trip

Christmas road trip part 1

Announced a few days ago, we packed up our belongings and stuffed them into a brand-spanking new Kia Sorento (3-row CUV) – thank you #Hertz.

Our first stint of just under 230 miles took us out of the crowded roadways of the Bay Area and Sacramento and over Donner pass in the middle of the night. We made good time and arrived at the Best Western Fernley by 1130pm. Stella made it well with the exception of the ear pressure over the pass which she didn’t like at all.

It’s a bit of a chore to drive with a dog, especially a pit, as very few hotels accept them. Fortunately Best Western does and for a $20 Fe, our princess got a choice of two queen size beds to choose from.

After a restful 5 hour sleep, Starbucks in hand, we hit the road again. It will be a long day but princess Stella is all ready for it-tucked in on two folded rows of a luxury lounge.

stay tuned for part 2.

2 thoughts on “Christmas road trip part 1

  1. Your one-dog sleigh loaded with presents in the back looks like Christmas all over. Hope you have a relaxing drive with beautiful scenery through the red rock canyons. Merry Christmas!
    Mary & Tom


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