2018-01-07 Royal Caribbean Cruise on Allure of the Seas

Allure of the Seas – St Thomas for the day

We thought we had seen the best show already #mammamia but then the twice postponed Oceanaria show took place. What a thrill!

This underwater world with acrobats, divers and comedians took our breath away.

I would love to share more images but I adhered to the crew request not to film or take pictures. Crowning glory among the many highlights was the 17 meter (51 foot dive) into a 5 meter wide pool. AMAZING!

The show was totally worth it even though, due to weather scheduling, it meant Jerry and I had to miss the 70s Disco Parade on promenade deck.

We woke up in the morning in St. Thomas USVI. Our ship docked next to an old clunker operated by Celestial Cruises.

We are sure glad not to be on that vessel!

Why would you want water in the pool?

After breakfast we made our way on foot to town. A brisk 2 miles awaited us with evidence of hurricanes never far away. Torn off roofs, flipped over boats and more are regular reminders of the destruction this past September by Irma and Maria.

As in Puerto Rico yesterday, we supported the local economy with retail shopping.

Back on board, we enjoyed lunch at our favorite place – the park cafe. Now we are lounging in the sun on deck 15 until our 230 appointments at the Spa.

Another lovely day aboard…

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