On my way…1st leg from San Francisco to Abu Dhabi

Boarded the 777-200 extended range for a 16 hour and 15 minute flight. Seat 11K. Elegant cabin with warm color palet. (See pics at the end). 

Food and beverage service are on demand during the entire flight. No carts in the aisles like on American. Everything is a step above the industry standard.l and the crew is super attentive without being intrusive. Love it so far. 

Seat comfort is outstanding with lie-flat bed, pillow top mattress cover and pajamas offered to those interested. 

Caught up on a movie with La La Land. Excellent choice for the occasion.  Slept well. And now flying above Russia down to the Middle East.  It is an amazing sight to have views over Iran on the left of the plane and Iraq on the right. Blue skies and snow capped mountains give me a sense of home.  Remembering why I chose travel as a career out of inspiration from flying over the alps. 

I have shared this with some of you, Flyong is one of my favorite things and I have done some of my best thinking and decisions at 33000 feet above planet earth.   Truly awe-inspiring. 

I also want you to meet my traveling companions. First to meet is Matt from Sacramento. He is an agrncy owner selling only South Pacific.  I can already tell that it will be a great trip. 

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