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Rode the world’s fastest roller coaster – twice

Arrived in Abu Dhabi and got picked up by our guide and driver. After a stop and site inspection at the famous Viceroy Yas Marina hotel ( the only property that spans across an F1 track), I got to ride Formula Rossa – the worlds fastest roller coaster. Mind you, I didn’t just do it once, no I got right back in line and rode it back to back. Such was the thrill, I wanted to do it again but I was mindful of my co-traveler whom gets quezzy on rides.

What a thrill!

PS: fear not, the ride didn’t turn me into a Ferrari fan. Still solidly in Red Bull’s corner.

3 thoughts on “Rode the world’s fastest roller coaster – twice

  1. WOW!!!! Love the stars above your seat. I had a feeling that you’d get in line again for the fastest roller-coaster in the world….can’t resist the inner thrill-seeker that you are. Great posts…keep em coming.

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