2nd portion of the trip – on to Africa 

This morning started early with a 130am transfer by limo courtesy of Emirates Airlines. All first and business class guest get the driver program at both ends of a flight. That alone makes it worth treating yourself to it. 

Check in was smooth and very efficien and then it was off to the lounge. Another perk for first and business. Luck would have it that the host got me into the first class lounge. What a treat!  Lavish furnishings and impeccable servic aside, the first class lounge has its own duty free shop with exclusive and rare scotch, bourbon and rye’s. some are very rare finds. 

This leg of the fligh was, as previously mentioned on Emirates. A small damper for expectations was the fact hat hey changed equipment on us and shrunk from the anticipated A-380 to a Boeing 777-300er.   Bummer. 

On board experience was ok for a super early flight. My seat was 8a in bulkhead which meant I had a fixed tv screen far up the wall and I had to climb over guest in 8b. Not ideal and I would definitely not recommend this seat.

All in all, I preferred the experience on Etihad over Emirates on equivalent air craft. I will have to test out Emirates with Greg sometime on the A-380 for final verdict. Stand by on that one 

Menu comparison: 

Etihad offers meals on demand – anytime from a set menu. 

Emirates is traditional meal service after take-off and before landing. 

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