Big Five Game Drive Report

After a 3 hour transfer from Johannesburg airport, we arrived at our lodge and embarked on 3 hour dusk time game drive. To protect the well being of the animals spotted, I will not disclose the location of the park we explored. 

Check out http://www.safetherhino.org for info on how poachers use Facebook posts And geo-tracking digital photos to track and kill rhinos for useless and medically worthless horns. 

Back to the game drives. We saw elephants (also hunted for their tusks), hippopotamus,  two lionesses, jakals, an African wild cat, hyena, eagle owls, a Pygmy owl, giraffes, cheetah’s, wildebeest, zebra’s, impala, and rebook as well as white rhinos. 

Drives take place on Toyota pickup trucks converted with 9 seats that are perfectly raised, one row behind another for maximum viewing. They usually last 3 to 3.5 hours a n the morning and late afternoon.  While you never know what you will spot, the entire experience is life-changing.  I highly recommend it as an adventure and I would be happy to arrange it for you. Note: the first pic is deliberately b&w to show off the beautiful striping. 

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