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Game reserve to Cape Town 

Pardon the delay in posts. We had a travel day flying from Johannesburg to Cape Town on Kulula Airlines (you have never seen a more green plane). Unfortunately no wifi to blog with. After landing, we had a fabulous brass band welcome parade at Cape Town airport. What a treat!

Transfers to our accommodations took about 30 minutes. We are based at More Quarters, a lovely apartment property in a side street in the heart of the city. Their mantra is “arrive as a foreigner and live like a local”. It’s the perfect mix between hotel and AirBnb. (Amy this is the evolution of our business dream).

Upcoming blogs on Cape Town will share Table  Mountain and the scenic peninsula drive. Stay tuned.

One thought on “Game reserve to Cape Town 

  1. Sounds like hours and hours have gone into making this a trip of a lifetime!
    So glad you have the opportunity.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Sue and I had a wonderful dinner with Greg, Randy, Lisa and the kids.
    You were missed.
    Love the pictures and the print.

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