Dinner at Queen Victoria Hotel

Well, the evening progressed nicely and we got to explore 4 hotels. First the historic Victoria & Albert waterfront hotel. It is housed in an 18th. Century cooling warehouse. 3 categories of rooms. 1) mansarde rooms in the attic. 2) superior harbor view rooms and finally 3) table mountain view rooms. Each category has its charm. Only 96 rooms total. 
The second hotel was the 6 room Captan’s Quarters which are luxury one-of-a-kind rooms in a 1760s building. 

The third is the newest product called Manor House with 4 retro rooms with a historic flair. It is where I want to stay. 
Finally the Queen Victoria Hotel. A 38 room masterpiece of s property where we ate dinner at the restaurant called DASH. 
Did you know that it is named after Queen Victoria’s spaniel whom died in 1860. 
This meal was right up my ally. Contemporary South African cuisine with artful presentation. I let you vicariously live through the menu and plates. 

2 thoughts on “Dinner at Queen Victoria Hotel

  1. Can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog with my morning coffee. Such a nice way to start the day, followig your travels.
    Enjoy each day, knowing that your blog brings joy to your friends and family.

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