Airbus 350-900 on Singapore Airlines

Eager with anticipation for this new aircraft (see previous blog) I boarded flight 479 on time at Johannesburg airport. 

Once on board, I was immediately taken by the spacious layout of the cabin. Remember this is a wide-body aircraft and most carriers put at least 5 seats across if not more. On Singapore Airlines its only 4. The cabin is vast, airy and spacious. The seat had tons of storage, nooks and crannies for shoes and other essentials. 

By far the best I have seen to date. Then comes Singapore’s service which is impeccable. The most extensive menu of any flight so far. Absolutely world class. 

I cannot wait to compare it to the Dreamliner (Boing 787).  It is a mile above the 777 series. Truly amazing. 
My lunch consisted of a Singapore Sling, followed by chicken satay and a lovely appetizer of shrimp and duck. Then a filet  beef on a mixed been salad. 

Everything was tasty and beautifully presented. 

#1 so far.

8 thoughts on “Airbus 350-900 on Singapore Airlines

  1. Hi Rene, awsome….there is toskana very very tiny, instead of shanghai. But beautyful as well. I love italy. You can be very proud of you to living in SFO and having such a good live. Stay care while your journey. I’m happy to have you as my cousin. Kisses evi

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