Singapore in-debt

In true world traveler fashion, we landed at 605am local time (I am now 15 hours ahead of pacific standard time) and hit the ground running. We hit up he historic Fullerton Hotel for a shower at their Spa, followed by a breakfast out of this world. The buffet spanned all five continents and provided Asian flavor so galore. Then we took off and did a city tour before stopping at the Marina Bay Gardens (2 indoor spaces dedicated to biodiversity-think post apocalyptic Noah’s arch for plants). This installation was funded by the Marina Sands casino owner Sheldon Adelson.  

It is the same Sheldon Adelson whom spent millions electing his buddy, the orangutan as our president. 

Politics aside, the hotel and cantilevered rooftop is an architectural masterpiece. 

2 thoughts on “Singapore in-debt

  1. I think gorilla would be mpre apt.
    I am reeling over the amazing repasts you are having both on land and in the air.
    Not to mention the wealth of information you will be able to infuse into AAA.
    Travel on my friend.


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