Marina Bay Sands – in detail

As promised, her is my report of the amazing site visit to the Sands Hotel & Casino. Sharp at 430pm local time we arrived at the property to be greeted by Hannah, one of the sales managers. 

Our tour of this 2552 room hotel began in tower #3. We saw the standard “deluxe room” which makes up 65% of their room inventory.  Then we toured the cantilevered roof top terrace which houses American celebrity chef restaurants (Wolfgang Puck’s Spago for example); an amazing edgeless also called infinity pool; bars and leisure zones. The views are amazing from up here. 

Finally we toured a premium room that had just been refurbished with the paint and carpet smell of new. Very effective layout and great views as well. 

As it is primarily a casino and shopping hotel, the clientele was predominantly Asian with some European package vacation guests. 

All in all, a great experience for guests looking to stay in the latest greatest with a big resort feel. 
The we were escorted to the 57th floor where the cantilevered rooftop terrace is located. Believe me when I say “it’s a thrill to soak in an infinity pool overlooking the city. 

Question is, would I stay here over other historical properties in town?

My answer is probably not. The Raffles is the place to be!  Stay tuned for a review and images of it as well as our cultural tour of the city. 

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