Trip around the World -DUA 25th Annicersary

Margaret River area south of Perth 

After a short night in our fantastic suites at the Crown hotel in Perth, our guide Sandy and driver Peter picked us up at 7am for a scenic drive down to the world renowned wine region of Margaret River. Upon arrival, we experienced a flight of wines with corresponding Amuse Bouches. It was a one-of-a-kind arrangement. 

The winery is we toured is the second oldest of this region started in the late 1960s upon recommendation of none other than Robert Mondavi himself. 

Still family owned and now in its third generation, this winery makes a world class  Chardonnay. 

The flight es followed by a lunch with more great wines. Just what the doctor ordered for a fall afternoon. Yes, it is fall here in Australia and the harvest had just been completed a couple of weeks ago. 

From there we travelled on to an outdoor activity climbing down into a cave with a native aboriginal guide Josh whom took us on a twilight visit.  He showed us the native vegetation, how the Aboriginees use the seasons (there are 6 per year) to plan their journeys and he guided us through a cave that has been in existence for 500,000 years.  It all began with the dream story of Ngigli and he performed a hymn on his digiridoo in honor of the spirits in the cave. 
See and hear the video below. Its my first attempt with posting a clip. Please confirm it works as intended. 

7 thoughts on “Margaret River area south of Perth 

  1. Whew. I’m having trouble keeping up and I’m just reading about your trip. The wine experience sounds amazing. As does the cave. Big enough, with enough light to not feel claustrophobic. Just Wow.

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