Welcome to Western Australia

After a short 5 hour flight within the same time zone, we arrived in Perth. The most important thing first, temps dropped to mid 70s and the humidity is gone. It only took a few mi utes to get acclimated and feel like L.A. Weather again. 

Back in 1992/93, I had travelled through Perth with my friend Kurt Hoffman as we ended the Indian-Pacific train journey here. Oh memories…

It’s great to be back and see the evolution of this city. It is a place to fall in love really quickly. Very much a San Diego Vibe which is easy to get used to. 

We are staying at a fantastic hotel called the Crown. 

I have a fantastic room. Come on over for a party…

I have also been included some images from Perth.  Enjoy. 

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Western Australia

  1. Your suite looks larger than our little 1054sq foot manor!
    Love the lighting in the bathroom
    Any idea how many air miles you will be logging on your idyllic trip?

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    1. Good point. The suite is even larger than our humble home. All that space by myself. It’s total luxury. As for air miles, one of my companions calculated it. I planned on sharing this on my last leg of the journey.


  2. Your room is gynormous! And, that tub and shower—open to the world yet no one to peek at you. And, you said your suite of rooms is even larger than your own home. Wow! I can see why Perth reminds you of San Diego except that there are way more tall buildings in Perth. I was particularly fascinated by that interesting structure/sculpture/building that looks like two very large leaves…or is that part of the building that appears in the center of the sculpture? Beautiful and fascinating.

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    1. The building by the weather you are curious about is the clock tower that is being built to house the queen’s bells gifted to Australia for its 150th birthday. It is a modern structure with interesting g architecture.

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      1. The Queen’s bells. Oh my. I. Etc there’s some jokes about that. How could there not be. 😉😁


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