Adventure day in Margaret River

The most spectacular coast line of Australia’s West coast. This secret spot along the “Cape to Cape” walking trail that spans 137 kilometers along unspoiled coastline is just breathtaking. It is even more special for me as I had to hike through the tiger snake mating area with low brush and all. Not fun for me but I made it without a sighting. 

Today brought us a canoe trip on the wild part of Margaret River, a fantastic wine lunch at Fraser Gallop winery and a lots of education on the conditions for wine growing the French refer to as “terroir.”  All that took place in a Range Rover Discovery as a small group. 

At last, we saw kangaroos today. Tons of them in fact. Very cool. 

5 thoughts on “Adventure day in Margaret River

  1. Ah, the good life.
    Never heard of a Tiger Snake. Must look it up.
    We Drove 101 to Gurneville this weekend then to Jenner. Took 1 past Bodega Bay stopping at every pullout along the way loving our coastline.
    Love the Ocean Views.

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  2. No grass growing under your feet! What an adventuresome day! The coastline is rugged and gorgeous, the wine/lunch setting serene, the kangaroos exciting to see. Wouldn’t be Australia without them! Did you take a short canoe trip on the Margaret River, as well?

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