Bye bye Pearth

After a fabulous day with our Western Australia sales manager Sandy and our amazing driver Peter (Go in style), we are now all gathered at the Quantas lounge ahead of my long anticipated flight on Air NewZealand Boeing 787-9 to Auckland. Due to technical issues boarding has been delayed. 

Throughout the day, we visited the Bussleton Pier (the oldest and longest 1.8km) pier out into the Indian Ocean. 

Afterwards, we went to Fremantle for lunch and some shopping. 

All in all, a fantastic trip to Western Australia which is a hidden gem. I will e back soon. There are so many experiences to be had. Swimming with dolphins, with humpback whales, caves with aborigines etc. plus awesome wines. 

I discovered a new gin I f ll in love with. It’s an Australian native plant infused delicacy. 

3 thoughts on “Bye bye Pearth

  1. So much to see, so little time.
    All these wonderful places you are visiting must make you want to go back and spend more leisure time.
    Good bye Australia, hello new adventure!

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    1. You are totally right. Australia has won my heart a long time ago and the feelings got rekindled with this trip. Absolutely amazing place. More when I am back. Trip is winding down.


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