2017 South of France with Monaco GP

Farewell to paradise

A bit earlier than the last few days, we got up to pack our stuff together to get ready for our drive to Eze and eventually Juan-Les-Pins.

We bid farewell to our home La  Moisonne and travelled on the A8 toward Monaco. 

We planned a. Is it to the hill town of Eze. What a sight!

The visit inspired my change in long-held plans (for the very distant future) to have my ashes spread in this magical town instead of Bryce Canyon. It is that amazing. 

Take my word for it, it is stunning. 

This stunning view and magical town was followed by a drive on the middle corniche over to Monaco where we heard the engines vroom through the streets of the municipality for qualifying. 

I am thrilled with the outcome. Kimi on pole and Vettel 2nd and best of all, Lewis only 14th. It will be a race for the ages. 

The evening ended at a beachside dig called Jazz Plage with a great dinner. The waitress’s uncle lives in Sunnyvale of all places. It is a small world. 

5 thoughts on “Farewell to paradise

  1. There is nothing like the natural wonders of the world and then to see the magnificent structures created by those in the centuries preceding our visit to this wonderful place called Earth.

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