2017 South of France with Monaco GP

The Grand Prix awaits

Today is our final day in the south of France and Greg and I are headed to Monaco for the Formula 1 race in the streets of the municipality. For those not into motor sports, I have been a fan of F1 since 1977 when Renault entered the series with their revolutionary (at the time) turbo engines.

I have remained loyal to Renault all these years through highs and lows be it as a factory team or engine supplier.

However today I will. E rooting for Ferrari and their driver Sebastian Vettel whom is on track to lead the 2017 championship.

More later, it’s off to the race now.

5 thoughts on “The Grand Prix awaits

  1. How exciting.
    I am rooting for you guys to enjoy and savor each and every minute of this amazing tradition.
    My favorite used to be Emerson Fitipaldi.
    Start the race!

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      1. 2 others that were incredible:
        Michael Schumaker and Aurie Luyandyck.
        Excuse the spelling, been a long time since I’ve thought about these guys.


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