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Bonus Blog – The “slow travel” movement

With time running away and the world speeding up, it is sometimes hard to find a moment to experience things they way the once were.  For example, I am a big fan of Europe’s high-speed trains which have brought Europe’s capitals much closer together, but there is something to be said for the scenic routes of yore that twisted and turned their way along rivers, through scenic towns and valleys at much slower speed.  This is the context under which I am sharing a TED talk I recently discovered, covering that very subject. Taking the time to enjoy and relax!

Imagine TV prorgram showing the entire 7 hour 14 minute journey from Oslo to Bergen by rail as the feature program one day.  Crazy you say…maybe but totally worth it.

This legendary rail journey has been running at the same speed for over 50 years and watching it unfold, takes the viewer on the real journey you can only get if you experience the entire route.  Enjoy the talk!

“>Slow TV movement


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