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Berne for a day – reflections on my home town

Spring continues in Berne today and it afforded me the chance to fine tune my hotel selection for the September 2019 Oktoberfest and Swiss Highlights tour I am hosting. In addition, I took a long leisurely walk with my dad’s dog Richie through this majestic city built over 900 years on the banks of the Aare river.

Views of the Bundeshaus (Swiss National parliament) from the river Aare.

Views of the Baerenplatz with fountains and all the outdoor restaurants.

My walk took me down to the Marzili (public bath at the river) where in a few short weeks thousands will swim over lunch stand after work. Look at the picture below and you can see railings and steps into the river on the bath side. Those are the entry and exit points for swimmers. Weather permitting, this will be an added bonus during our stay here in 2019.

Along the banks of the river are poplar trees and a walkway that goes all the way up to the town of Belp where I grew up. Sometimes we swam all the way from belp to Bern on the way to work.

Beautiful spring tulips on the terraces overlooking the river.

A final stop brought me to the monument celebrating the world postal union which was founded in Berne in 1874. Hard to believe that mail was the only way to share messages long distance in today’s instant message world. It made me reflect on the days when checking the mail was met with excitement and anticipation.

We will stop at the monument and gardens on our city walk next fall.

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