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The story of my suitcase

Thanks to BART delays, I barely made it on my flight. In fact, I was the last passenger to walk on the United Arbus 320 and as a result I had to check my bag at the gate.

After landing, I cleared customs and immigration and made my way to the transfer bus to the Gran Velas Los Cabos.

As I had been going without breakfast, I went to lunch first. Upon arriving in my Ambassador Suite (fancy name for the run of house) I realized that my luggage was not in my room.

That is when it began to dawn on me that something is off. I checked my cell and found the below texts.

This is a first for me. Same suitcase, same flight, same tag and all. Even the name tag was attached in the same place.

Fortunately Roberto the Bell Captain helped me sort it out fast and in less than 30 minutes and a lovely Cadillac Escalade ride later, I had my luggage.

Lesson: even with rate pieces like my REI suitcase, check the name, not just the tag.

Luckily I was in good hands st this amazing resort and I had my info on my business card.

2 thoughts on “The story of my suitcase

  1. There’s nothing like a name, especially on luggage. How fortunate that you and the other traveler are in close proximity and the exchange of suitcases was relatively easy!


  2. Wow. That’s a unique story for sure. Glad it was a nice guy and smart who got your bag. Funny about the swim suits! Enjoy that fabulous water (jk 😉).


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