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How to stretch a cruise ship

Silver Spirit cut in halfIt is truly one of those amazing things to watch and wonder about.  True, stretching a cruise ship is not an every day activity.  In fact, I cannot recall this being done in over 15, since Norwegian Cruise Lines stretched one of their ships.

As I have covered cruise ship experiences in the past, and I will continue to do so over the summer and fall, I felt that sharing this engineering feat provides a different angle of appreciation for cruising.

In order for older ships to stay relevant and offer the modern amenities desired by travelers, cruise lines are in a constant race to modernize their fleet.  In this case, Silversea (an Italian based family held company) has decided to stretch Silver Spirit which entered service in 2009 and add more amenities like specialty dining and more staterooms.  This process together with a full dry-dock for overall modernization turned the ship into a new vessel.  For 55 days, the shipyard in Palermo, Sicily worked on this project, inserting a 49 foot section in the middle of the ship.   With masterful precision, the pre-fab element was carefully positioned and then welded in place.

Back at sea, this almost brand new luxury vessel is pampering guests around the globe with its all-inclusive experiences.  Interested in sailing on her? Don’t hesitate to contact me for the latest deployment, pricing and offer information.  My full-service agency will take excellent care of you and your friends.

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