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Scandinavian Jaunt – Blue Eye – a revelation!

As promised, here is my review of Le Champlain’s signature feature – the underwater lounge which in my opinion represents a game changer.

This innovation was over two years in the making as maritime requirements had to be proven first. As #ponant points out, this laminated window is formed out of 14 layers of glass which are stronger even than the hull itself.

Enjoy this short video of this sensory experience which brings the underwater world closer than ever. Granted the plankton rich waters of the Norwegian Fjords may not offer much visibility, you can nevertheless imagine what the view would in the Great Barrier Reef or the tropical waters of the Caribbean.

I am crossing g my fingers for a future enhancement of underwater cabins.

One thought on “Scandinavian Jaunt – Blue Eye – a revelation!

  1. That’s amazing! How many ships have you cruised on now (over a life time)? Just curious and how many countries? Fun to count and reminisce.


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