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Scandinavian Jaunt – wrap up

I had 9 hours to contemplate this trip and my experiences aboard SAS back to San Francisco.

Stand out #1

Our last meal in Oslo at the we established Lofoten restaurant where fresh seafood delighted our pallets.

Regular readers will have noticed that I didn’t blog about meals this time in the same frequency. The driver for that was that Ponant served good but not remarkable meals aboard.

This dinner however elevated it beyond. In fact, the fish soup was inventive and tasty to the point where I would fly back there for it. For 23 years, according to our waitress this dish has been offered to rave reviews. We both concur.

The oysters were sweet and succulent and the cod on the first dinner plate was outstanding as was the halibut on the last picture. If in Oslo, this is a must dine stop.

Stand out #2

The Explorer vessels are simply astounding in their layout and perfect size for small group exploring in less traveled areas of the world.

Stand out #3

Norway as a destination exceeded y wildest expectations for dramatic coastlines and scenery, plus the Norwegians are super friendly and all speak English. Put it on your list of must see places.

Till my next adventure I bid farewell!

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