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Vietnam & Cambodia – bye bye Avalon Siem Reap

Our family away from home for the past 7 days celebrated with us for a farewell dinner and reception. While the staff is predominately Cambodian, the navigational crew is Vietnamese but all shared in the warm and welcoming professionalism that made this cruise an outstanding experience. Caring, compassionate, and efficient, these team members made our journey exceptional every step of the way. I might add that we all wanted to adopt them for our own homes – they were that special to us all.

Susan and Gordon from Calgary, Pat and Meg from Seattle, Joan and Dick from Minneapolis joined us for dinner A group picture with our warm and welcoming former Viet Con fighter in his mid-seventies and his wife at their home.

Add to the great staff a exceptional group of fellow travelers from all parts of the US and Canada and you have all the ingredients to a memorable trip that will stay with us for a lifetime.

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