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Giverny Gardens & Seine Valley

Daffodils blooming in spring are my favorite sign of a new season upon us. When they are located in the city of Giverny and formally owned by master artist Claude Monet, the experience will certainly be remarkable which it was.

Our lovely ship Viking Kadlin (a traditional long ship) docked in Vernon – just across the river from Giverny – early in the morning for us to explore this magical area. Having been here before, what stood out was the fact that the gardens still change daily as plants grow and blossom and the steady flow of guests experience the seasons in new ways.

Our lovely ship was docked right next to the Viking Ralph (leaving us in the image above) for the morning.

Once we were all aboard, we set sail downriver towards Rouen, where the French heroine Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.

Her vivid memory of those days and the unjustice carried out against her still haunt this city today. A late-night walking tour gave us a perfect overview of her story. We’re calling it an early night as tomorrow’s program brings emotion and a long program to all of us at the D-Day landing beaches of WWII.

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