2019-03-21-Viking River Cruise-France · Key Blogs

Cooking with Alain Ducasse

As an avid amateur chef, I look looked very much forward to today’s experience at Michelin starred Alain Ducasse cooking school. Located in the posh part of Paris in the 17th arrondissement, the school offers ongoing classes in a variety of styles. Our mission today was to prepare a main course of guinnea fowl with an Indian inspired lentil and carrot dishes sides. An odd choice for a group of Americans wanting to learn French cooking.

That said, the experience was fun, engaging and I did learn a new trick that forever changes how I cook fish.

First things first however. We were divided into teams of two and we got into prep.

Chopping carrots, dicing green mango and ginger for our sides was fun. Then came browning the guinnea fowl following Alain’s method and spice profile. Everyone participated in the adventure.

Our final result (see above) was a tasty meal that we all ate together at the venue.

Bonus learning was the parchment paper method of frying fish. No sticking, perfect crunch and easy flipping. Key to the trick is the paper needs to be oiled on both sides of the paper to avoid burning.

All in all another lovely day.

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