2019-04-26-Norwegian Joy Inaugural · Key Blogs

A day of Joy – Norwegian’s newest vessel awaits

After a few weeks of silence, my schedule is picking up with some fun travels ahead. It all starts today after touching down at Vancouver international airport which is such a joy to fly into every time. Efficient, clean and oh so friendly and helpful “Aye”.

A short metro ride to the Wayerfront station got us to Canada Place – Vancouver Cruise Port – where the Joy was waiting for us. Towering over the skyline, this latest of Norwegian’s vessels made quite the statement. She happened to be the largest passenger ship to ever call on this majestic port.

Thanks to Norwegian’s top notch organization Boarding was a breeze. Less than 15 minutes and on we walked, escorted by our very own concierge whom brought us to our stateroom.

A first orientation tour of #norwegianjoy gave us the lay of the land. Over the coming 3 days, I will update you all on our experiences on board. My special guest for what amounts to her very first cruise experience is Sue Miller from Alameda.

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