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Aboard Crystal Serenity – Day 3 & 4

Strong stormy conditions – not unlike what the Allied troops encountered 75 years ago – made it necessary for our captain to change navigation. Instead of stopping in La Coruna, we sailed on across the Bay of Biscay toward tge tiny British island Guernsey.

While disappointing, this change gave us more time for meetings and to enjoy the fantastic on-board lectures about WWII at tge 75th anniversary of the invasion that changed the course of history.

The opened up time also allowed us to taste the creative food at Nobu’s only restaurant at sea called Umi Uma which is outstanding in freshness and creativity.

Over a mid-day update we learned that weather continued to plague us and that Guernsey was also cancelled. This meant an additional afternoon of sailing before we reached our stop in Honfleur, France. Overall we are having a fantastic time aboard and the days are flying by fast.

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