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30 years have passed since the world changed

It was an emotional Saturday for me – November 9th 1989 was the night that changed the world. Hard to believe it’s been that long and yet, it feels like it was yesterday!To my loyal readers, befor going on about that historic night, I apologize for the silence on my part for the past weeks. Due to a technical issue with the WordPress app on my phone, I could not upload posts. That is now fixed. No one could have imagined that the wall would actually come down. Yes, Ronald Reagan asked Soviet premier Gorbatchov for it in his famous address at the Brandenburg Gate, but it seemed a pipe dream only.

Then, after weeks of unrest and protests, first a few, then hundreds of East Getmans were allowed across to the West via Hungary into Austria in the summer and fall of 89.

The momentum built and then,!on that fateful November night, the GDR polit bureau speaker made a colossal mistake announcing the border to the west was open immediately.

The gates opened and overnight tens of thousands crossed, hugged loved ones, and celebrated a new word “Freedom”.

I remember this day so vividly as it impacted my Oma and her twin-sister personally. To put this day in perspective, from my vantage point it matches in emotional intensity only two other life-changing events – the day I met Greg and the night my mom died.

November 9 1989 was the first day of something new, a beginning of sorts that, no matter the divisions, enshrined that we are all better off together. Sure there are problems still today, but no one wants to go back to the divided Berlin of yore.

Remember this day and share your story with your friends and family.

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