2019-11-30-South America aboard Azamara Pursuit

Azamara Cruise – Cooking class in Punta Del Este

A short cruise overnight got us to the summer resort town of Punta Del Este with its white sandy beaches and rugged coastline.

Our group boarded a private coach for a scenic drive along the river and Atlantic Ocean tips that form the unique setting for this resort town complete with stunning homes and hotels to admire.

45 minutes later we arrived at the winery complex at Narbona where we learned to prepare the perfect embers for grilling meats and veggies. This 1920 building complex of gardens, rooms, and a hacienda-like courtyard offered our group lots of opportunities to mix and mingle and pick up valuable cooking skills.

The highlights were the queso fundido (flame grilled provolone cheese) and the chimichurri recipe – until desert arrived which blew it all out of the water.

Dulce di leche crepes with vanilla ice cream – The Nirvana of deserts!

In other words, I added a new food tourism destination to my list that I will return to.

One thought on “Azamara Cruise – Cooking class in Punta Del Este

  1. Awesome, Rene. Simply awesome. The descriptions of your destinations and your lust for more and more culinary knowledge is palpable. All a vicarious delight for all. Thank you.


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