2019-11-30-South America aboard Azamara Pursuit

Azamara Cruise – Montevideo

Our two days at sea ended with Azamara Pursuit’ pulling into the Montevideo harbor in Uruguay. The group disembarked for a bicycle trip and hosted lunch courtesy of Virtuoso.

Uruguay is the birth place of the steak house movement with a ratio of 3 heads of cattle per inhabitant and a world leading per capita consumption of 220lbs of beef consumed annually.

Tge photos above show the wood fired grill at El Palenque in the harbor market hall where we are a grill lunch.

To round out our experience in town, Azamara hosted a private evening carnival show at the Solis Theatre – South America’ oldest opera house built in 1898. It he show was fantastic and brought to life tge uniquely Uruguayan mix of Spanish and African heritage.

As we returned back on board, Cruise director and Broadway Star Amanda Paulson entertained the guests with a live solo performance of classic Italian music – What a treat!

Montevideo was definitely AzAmazing!

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