2020-01-23-Viking Sea-southern Caribbean · Key Blogs

Viking Ocean Cruise – Caribbean calling

Red-eye behind us, my travel companion Jerry and I connected for the second leg from Philadelphia to San Juan, PR aboard American Airlines flight 1496.

It was nip & tuck as I had to sprint from gate c5 to a20 across what is a maze at PHL airport. AND wouldn’t you know it – a mechanical has us still sitting on the plane at the gate.

On arrival in San Juan, we caught an Uber (note tha Lyft is not operational here) and made it to old town to board our ship for the week- the Viking Sea.

(See picture above – courtesy of Jerry’s window seat. Viking Sea is the smallest ship on the left).

Stay tuned for more on the ship and experience over the coming days. With our red-eye flights, we called it an early night.

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