2020-01-23-Viking Sea-southern Caribbean · Key Blogs

Viking Ocean Cruise – St. Kitts

A stunning day awaited us in quaint St. Kitts and neighboring island Nevis. We got off early and took a cab to the last operating sugar mill train to catch a ride. Alas, every seat was sold out so we couldn’t partake in the 3-hour journey.

Tip: book aboard your cruise ship for this experience.

What to do then? Walk through town and marvel at this island nation – independent from British rule since 9/29/1983. It was a journey through time – from slave trading to sugar cane barons to modern day. Fantastic!

In order from top to bottom:

Church of immaculate conception, independence square, Berkeley clock and British phone booth with former slave quarters on each corner.

Rounding out our tour – this portion courtesy of Viking cruises included daily excursions- we toured the former plantation home of Fairview. Dating back to colonial times, this masterpiece of a traditional house is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the stunning ocean vistas.

Last call of the day done, with pina colada in hand, it is time to wrap up this weeks work. More adventures to come tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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