2020-02-17-Regent Seven Seas Ovation Inaugural

Regent Seven Seas Splendor – new heights of luxury

Sister ship to RSSC Explorer, the brand new Splendor was officially christened last night in Miami and I was there. Follow me as I discover the many aspects of this ship which Regent says “perfected luxury.”

Beverly Vickers & Gilett Brescia – RSSC BDM friends

February in Miami and all you think of is sunny and warm weather. Yet we arrived with deep dark clouds, a chilly 70 degrees (for Florida) and gale force winds which meant the outdoor christening celebration had to be canceled for the enjoyment and safety of all attending dignitaries and guests.

Above is the skeleton of the outdoor stage that was to be the venue for godmother Kristie Brinkley and performing artist SEAL. As a result, the show moved indoors aboard the theatre which was too small to hold all guests. That meant rather disappointingly we had to be seated in the observation lounge to watch the proceedings on TV. Not as impressive and thus no pictures.

Smokestack of RSSC Splendor

Christening out of the way – with a massive bottle of Veuve Cliquot champagne smashed against the hull for good luck – the sailing was ready to start. Stay tuned for more on the ship and our 4-night voyage coming up.

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