2020-09-13-Back to Travel-Collette tour of the West · Key Blogs

Back to Travel – Anticipation runs high

First Travel Documents in the age of Covid-19

Where to begin? After months of confinement to my home office and blogging silence, I am finally getting back to travel. This means starting up my newest series of blogs with eagerness and feelings of excited anticipation for my newest adventure courtesy of our supplier partner Collette. I am so ready to hit the road…

My AA app got rusty – first flight in months

Close to home, my journey will comprise of a small group of fellow travelers aboard a #GoCollette guided tour of the Canyonlands. The adventure begins tomorrow morning early with a 6am flight from San Francisco to Denver (via Dallas) on American Airlines.

Painted Canyons of the West September 2020

It is safe to say that 6 months into living through a global pandemic, life for everyone single one of us has changed. It is through this lens that I look forward to experiencing and reporting on the health and safety protocols of the various components of this trip. Follow me along as I travel from Denver to Salt Lake City over a week’ time with stops in magical National Parks of the Western US.

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