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America’s Historic East – Colonial Times

Colonial Williamsburg Main Street

A longtime in the making, I finally arrived at colonial Williamsburg for a visit. I had heard about it and aspired to visit for over 25 years and now I am here. Pinch me!

House of Burgesses- Capitol building of the Virginia Commonwealth

Financial support from the Rockefeller’s helped local history buffs to preserve this area and turn it into a living museum for future generations to explore and to preserve the knowledge and experience of the early days of American life in Virginia. It is a fantastic experience I recommend to anyonewhom wants to reconnect with our ancestors and gain a deeper understanding of our history.

Tavern dinner with traditional peanut soup as a starter

It was the perfect afternoon to roam these grounds independently before we all met for a dinner at a typical tavern. It gave everyone a chance to share our adventures of the day.

Plaque in St. John’s church

The next morning consisted off a lovely surprise visit to a famous church tucked into a Richmond neighborhood where Patrick Henry delivered his empathic “give me liberty or give me death” speech back in 1773 during the 2nd Virginia revolutionary convention pleading for independence for America.

It was enlightening to get the full story of how this speech became so famous. And to stand in that very spot in that very church was absolutely amazing for me. It it it all in context which is one of the many benefits of a guided vacation.

St. John parish church in Richmond, VA

One thought on “America’s Historic East – Colonial Times

  1. Looks like you’re having a great time! I just spent a lovely week in Puerto Vallarta … it was a great “dip of the toe” back into the waters of travel. Hope you’re hanging in there …

    Bob ________________________________


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