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Norwegian Pr1ma – Christening with Katy Perry

Norwegian Pr1ma

Maritime tradition dictates that each ship is christened by its godmother. Question becomes how and whom to select for this honor – especially for Norwegian as past godmothers include Kelly Clarkson, Kim Cattrall, Reba McIntyre among other stars.

Pop legend Katy Perry

Well, there is one mega star that fits the bill to a Tee – bubbly and energetic pop icon Katy Perry. Her multigenerational global appeal to a broad audience makes her the perfect godmother -bringing new families to cruises.

Katy Perry with Chairman of NCLH Frank DelRio and CEO of Norwegian Harry Sommer

Her presence at the ceremonies added a sparkle of excitement to the normally rather dry proceedings and her 90 minute show after the champagne bottle smashed against the hull and successfully broke, was amazing. Every time I encounter Kay Perry, as I was fortunate to do two weeks prior in Las Vegas at Resortworld for our annual conference, I am amazed at the number of hits she has produced. A true performer with quirky yet very effective stage craft.

Dry slide from deck 17 to 8 – fastest way to breakfast ever

That same stage craft is present all over this newest class of ships and it makes this association of Katy and Pr1ma so perfect. Stay tuned for my next blog detailing the countless innovations aboard.

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