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Norwegian Pr1ma – Innovation everywhere

3-story go-kart track

You all know about my passion for car racing by now so it comes as no surprise that I first headed to deck 17 and got in queue for the largest go kart track at sea. This latest version is 30% larger than on the Encore (the last new build before Pr1ma) and now spans a loop on three levels of elevation. Super cool! 🏎 🏎 🏎

Go kart experience

The race track is just one of many amazing experiences to be had aboard this spacious vessel. Another is the Galaxy lounge – think gaming arcade – equipped with the latest animations and 3-D virtual rides you can imagine. Description of this space age space is hard so I filmed it as a quick video instead. Enjoy!

Galaxy digital arcade experience

Even more amazing is the collection of water slides (I covered the dry slide version in an earlier blog) that are enjoyed by all ages. Choose your level of action, strap on your swim trunks (suit) and off you go.

For the little ones, there is a splash zone up on deck 18 that looks great fun. Norwegian did think of everything and everyone which in my view assures maximum enjoyment and diverse activities for all ages. Stay tuned for the musical venues and culinary review of Pr1ma in future blogs.

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