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Norwegian Pr1ma – Stop in Weymouth, Dorset

This lovely hamlet is your quintessential British beach town. Our ship docked a few miles away in Portland Port where double decker buses shuttled us back and forth.

Overlooking Weymouth beach

As this was the last few days of summer break in the UK, so tons of families at the beach swimming, playing and building sand castles.

Diamond jubilee sand castle

One very special sand castle is the Diamond jubilee one that was set up for this summer season. Quite impressive!

Historic lodging – The Royal in Weymouth

What makes Weymouth so charming is the architecture of old style mansions and grand hotels – this one needs some TLC as I could see. Nevertheless, the matching bus stop and Queen Victoria clock tower pay homage to a past era of British empire glory. It made for an enjoyable few hours of exploring and 15k steps.

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