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Virgin Voyages – Give It A Go

Scarlet Lady from the air

As my flight climbs out over Miami, an uninhibited view of the ship emerged out my window. It was the perfect backdrop for my final reflections on the experience I was privileged to have had over the past five days.

Scarlet Lady in port at Puerto Plata

The best way to recap what our group of eleven advisors got to experience is to use the dessert from last night as a metaphor. A traditional Tarte Tatin is a French dessert from the Brittany region. Essentially a pineapple upside down method of cooking apples in sugar caramel, then topping them with a pastry dough and bake. Finally, to serve it simply turn it upside down to showcase the artfully arranged apples.

Tarte Tatin at The Wake

On Virgin the apples were rolled up sideways like a pinwheel and the base was made of frangipane (almond based dough). The hole thing was topped with cream and a sugar disc. turning the dessert sideways is exactly the concept of Virgin Voyages. To flip cruising upside down or lay it sideways is the innovation. They definitely succeeded in this new approach and in the process, are attracting a new group of guests – The land based young at heart party oriented Traveller that loves good food and a poppy beat.

A cheers from Nicole and myself

Our ship Scarlet Lady is one option to experience Virgin Voyages on short 3, 4, and 5 night Caribbean voyages. Her sister Valiant Lady does longer European voyages and the soon to come third ship Resilient Lady will add seasonally the Greek isles and/or Australia to the offering. A fourth vessel is planned as well. As always, work with your travel advisor of choice to find the best fit of cruise cabin and itinerary.

My take is – Give it a go!

One thought on “Virgin Voyages – Give It A Go

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us! Living vicariously through you! What a wonderful and unique cruise experience! Happy Holidays!!


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